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Ann is an tireless learner who aspires to become an artist, scholar, leader, neuroscientist and world traveller. She enjoys reading, painting, listening to TED talks, playing badminton and long talks with inspirational friends. Her works are features in multiple publications, including Wisdom Crieth Without (online and print magazine), The Varsity (U of Toronto newspaper and magazine), and The Spectatorial (Victoria College speculative arts blog and magazine).
EDIT: Shame on me, I have neglected this post! I have been getting back to sketching and painting a little lately, and inspired by the 365 Days Challenge, I am planning to do a 100 Random Words Challenge for myself. I will incorporate the ideas from the comments here and any OC's that you'd like to throw at me!

My list of random words I found on
I don't know a lot of these words so it'll be an interesting English lesson too!

The drawings are organized here:…
  1. exuviated
  2. immaterialist
  3. pyramidal
  4. hesperides
  5. editorialize
  6. brahmanist
  7. mordancy
  8. connectional
  9. nondelegate
  10. selim
  11. revering
  12. dashingly
  13. plumbable
  14. unbuilding
  15. cruiserweight
  16. incienso
  17. practic
  18. unroaming
  19. concocter
  20. agamically
  21. harmlessness
  22. abolitionising
  23. cobwebbed
  24. ascertainableness
  25. prewitt
  26. chasmal
  27. unpotent
  28. shaggier
  29. oubliette
  30. outdancing
  31. villanovan
  32. prededicate
  33. hornless
  34. unrebuked
  35. boleyn
  36. gulp
  37. scorpion
  38. cimmerium
  39. interchanger
  40. metallophone
  41. champaign
  42. rishi
  43. merwyn
  44. unmarginated
  45. lyublin
  46. sarcology
  47. carbuncle
  48. towy
  49. iterate
  50. redissection
  51. yser
  52. gynaeceum
  53. extraterritoriality
  54. maintainor
  55. felon
  56. tanistry
  57. unremembering
  58. sectary
  59. fiducial
  60. anapophysial
  61. prerouted
  62. nonadorner
  63. undisplayed
  64. distortedly
  65. nonfluctuation
  66. cymbocephalic
  67. outmount
  68. abimelech
  69. larder
  70. incandesce
  71. metaxylem
  72. massager
  73. coving
  74. grievousness
  75. posthumous
  76. perkingly
  77. philately
  78. handiwork
  79. customise
  80. skylab
  81. episedia
  82. ophion
  83. daughterless
  84. demagnetizer
  85. unswept
  86. septate
  87. invigilated
  88. absorb
  89. preintelligence
  90. padraic
  91. scoundrelly
  92. solesmes
  93. impulse
  94. sectoral
  95. postman
  96. gallows
  97. hilus
  98. pompon
  99. siree
  100. uncurtailable

Thanks for followers of my page. As you may have noticed, I have been very quiet on DeviantArt and have only updated my portfolio sporadically. University and personal life are occupying my time completely, but I try to make time for art. Most of my work lately have been small illustrations for my school newspaper, as well as larger illustrations for Wisdom Crieth Without magazine, which feature some amazing literary and visual arts:

I will try to do a free giveaway event later in the year that's similar to the 50 Poses Challenges, where you give me a few keywords and I produce a quick piece of your character.

50 Poses Challenge (Closed):new: :new: :new:
School has been ridiculously busy.. I'm very sorry Aya14000, BabySponge178, TehLegendofcool and AnimeOtaku6, but I'm afraid you will need to wait for a while longer for the pictures. Thanks for being patient with me :hug:
Also, I'm planning to use 6 of the sketches for my AP Drawing Portfolio, with characters by: ElPerdedor, SketchesInMinutes, SkiM-ART, Mike16r, ppgrainbow and MiyuKyuu. Please send me a message if you are NOT OK with me using these pictures. It's for schoolwork so the only people who are seeing it are the AP markers ;P
You can find your picture in this Photobucket folder:
I also replied to a few people whose pose reference file either isn't appropriate (eg. photography, other artist's painting, etc.), has a broken link, or that needs to be changed to another pose. Please check your inbox or

Some ideas I'm considering:

Color palettes
Focus on body forms (hands, feet, head angle...)
Human model reference

As this will be partially a practice of anatomy, I'd probably lean towards more realism style. This time, I'll also be adding colors with watercolor and/or color pencils.

Love to hear your suggestions!

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